GoodWay is a media promotion company operating an information site which specializes in Finance and Information Technology (IT). As a relationship adviser we have strengths in event management / research / marketing and promoting businesses by using a network of more than 14,000 people who are experts or specialist in Finance / IT and industry-academia-government. We support the creation of new businesses and development of Fintech businesses through Finance and IT mergers.

Company name
GoodWay, Inc.
Kayabacho 1-Chome Heiwa Building 2F,
1-8-1, Kayabacho, Nihonbashi, Cyuo-ku, 
Tokyo 103-0025 JAPAN

Tokyo metro Kayabacho station (Tozai Line・Hibiya Line), 1 minute walk from Exit 6
CEO & Founder
Hiroshi Fujino
Business description
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Media Promotion
HistoryJun/2006 Established in Koto-ku, Tokyo
Apr/2010 Founded in Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nov/2010 Relocated to Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Apr/2012 Relocated to Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
May/2017 Relocated to Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Dec/2017 Relocated (expanded) to Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


We conduct web media management for the Finance / IT / Fintech industry. We act on assisting in events planning / management of your business activities. We promote company's business activities via visualizations of the company's strengths through coverage articles, in addition we assist the secretariat of various organizations.
(Media, Event, Promotion, Secretariat Agency Support)

We offer lectures and training on Finance / IT / Fintech. We carryout overseas inspection tours, compile information of foreign country's Fintech businesses, and development support for your new industrial creation or co-creation business. 
(Lecture, Business development tour, Overseas Fintech Information, New Business Development Support) 

Hiroshi Fujino (GoodWay, Inc. CEO & Founder) 
After graduating from Keio-University (Faculty of Science and Technology), Mr.Fujino engaged in system development for four years at Canon Marketing Japan. In 1999, he got involved in the industry's first online securities trading system between Japan and the US by connecting E*TRADE's (now SBI Securities) online security front system and domestic securities back system. He resided in the Silicon Valley US in charge of handling new service planning and system introduction. Later in 2001 he worked in NASDAQ Japan, his responsibilities included offshore development in three countries : Japan,US and India. He managed the securities industry as a coordinator for creating emerging markets. After moving to Simplex in 2002, he was in charge of wholesale solutions such as market valuation and risk management of derivatives utilizing financial engineering, proposal-based solution sales linked to business profits in retail financial transaction services such as stock and FX. In addition, Mr.Fujino contributed greatly to requirements definition, system development and tremendously in project promotion support. Mr.Fujino soon after founded GoodWay and ran the financial IT media site in June 2010 with the mission of supporting the financial market development and its revitalization.

 1995 Graduated Keio University (Faculty of Science and Technology)
 1995 Entry to Canon company (Current Canon Marketing Japan)
 1999   System Development Department Manager at Etrade (Current SBI Securities)
 2001   System Technology Department Senior Analyst at NASDAQ Japan 
 2002   Sales & Marketing group at Simplex Technology (Current Simplex) Vice President
 2010   Found GoodWay  CEO & Founder (Incumbent)

Mr. Masayuki Tadokoro (unicorn farm, Inc. CEO & Founder)

Mr. Masayuki is a serial entrepreneur who had started a total of 5 companies in Japan and the Silicon Valley in the United States. He served as a venture partner for a venture capital firm in the Silicon Valley (United States). Currently, he worked as a strategy adviser / board member of domestic and foreign start-up companies. He is the author of the book called "Startup Science" which was the best seller for the long-term in 3 categories (Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation) and shared cumulative sales of 70,000 worldwide.

Mr. Fumio Igarashi (Finno ​Global Partners, Ltd. CEO & Founder)

Mr. Fumio Igarashi conducted an investigation and an in-depth research of domestic and foreign financial services, service planning and he engaged in organizing business contests for financial institutions assisting them in establishing new technologies for internal use. In his career he supported the launch of new technology demonstration experiments. He wrote and conducted lectures about "Fintech to Digital transformation" and "Desired future image of financial institution in living digitization". He served as an adviser for a few financial institutions in many categories such as, digital strategy, utilization of Fintech, channel strategy and so on. He independently established Finno ​Global Partners (Ltd) in April 2018 which support financial revitalization.

【West Coast / Silicon Valley Base】Chiharu Ando (Representative of Cando Advisors LLC)

Graduating with a Master of Business Administration at Stanford University (MBA) and a Degree of English Language and Literature from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, she proceeded to do venture fund investment at the former Industrial Bank of Japan, San Francisco Branch, credit control of derivatives at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Capital Markets (NY), and M&A and corporate alliance at Daiwa Securities New York. She was in charge of an online stock trading system development venture at Matsui Securities Co.,Ltd, the vice president / business strategy at FITECH co., Ltd and has licenses of Chartered Financial analyst and US Securities Analyst Qualification. Representative of Cando Advisors LLC.

【Nothern Europe Base】Mr.Tsutomu Komori (BENE ASIA CAPITAL OÜ Managing Partner)

Graduating from nuclear energy engineering degree at Nagoya University (Future reactor computer simulation). He worked for international business involved in various technology before moving to northern Europe after launching southeast business of Japanese social game company. He founded BENE ASIA CAPITAL OÜ that invest to Scandinavia and Baltic states regions of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, with a start-up in the Estonia base. Moreover, he got insights from investment activities and inspection tour (provided in our research reports). Japan Mission Member, for the Republic of Estonia's Prime Minister Tavi Loivas in 2016. Former backpacker. Visited 80 countries on 5 continents so far. Speaks Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian and Russian.

GoodWay has on office in "FinGATE KAYABA" that is in the Kayabacho-1chome-heiwa-building and owned by HEIWA REAL ESTATE In "FinGATE KAYABA", there are many Fintech companies inside.

In the tenant common area, we have power supply areas, access to Wi-Fi, printers, refrigerator,  meeting room and call-only booth that is specifically for laptop work. And there is also an event space which can accommodate over 100 people in the ground floor. Furthermore, there is a café business salon "CAFE SALVADOR BUSINESS SALON" across the Eitai-street. It promotes open innovation and offers opportunities creating a suitable environment to have various Events / Seminars / Briefings / Press conferences for town development where investment and growth are born.



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