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Drive business with a network of over 14,000 people in the finance and IT industry
Media Promotion Company「GoodWay」

「Fintech Business」Aimingfor for integration and development of finance and IT

GoodWay is a media promotion company operating an information site which specializes in finance and Information Technology (IT). As a relationship adviser we have strengths in event management ⁄ research ⁄ marketing and promoting businesses by using a network of more than 14,000 people who are experts or specialist in finance ⁄ IT and industry-academia-government. We support the creation of new businesses and development of Fintech businesses through finance and IT mergers.

Media · Promotion

We conduct web media management for the Finance ⁄ IT ⁄ Fintech industry. We act on assist in events planning ⁄ management of your business activities. We promote company's business activities via visualizations of the company's strengths through coverage articles¸ in addition we assist the secretariat of various organizations.


We offer lectures or training on Finance ⁄ IT ⁄ Fintech. We carryout overseas inspection tours‚ compile information of foreign country´s Fintech businesses‚ and deliver development support for your new industrial creation or co-creation business.


Media Promotion

Media ⁄ Promotion-1Media

We have established a place as a de facto standard in the same industries by providing high quality information from professional and neutral media delivering latest trends of Finance ⁄ IT ⁄ Fintech industries (Press release‚ coverage article).

Media image

Media ⁄ Promotion-2Events

We have a track record of many successful events sponsored by GoodWay. Our company is also committed to assisting in the management of the secretariat side during events held by the other companies (our roles include; event planning‚ arranging venue ⁄ staff ⁄ lecture etc‚ as well as attracting new customers‚ running ⁄ managing the event on the scheduled day‚ photography‚ report creation and public relations etc).

Event management

Media ⁄ Promotion-3Promotion

We will make your company and its activities ´Stand out´ through our report which includes carefully selected pictures‚ detailed coverage of event ⁄ seminar ⁄ press conference in addition we will interview with CEO or Business manager‚ provide photography at the conference ⁄ booth exhibition‚ creation of recruitment content.

Coverage ⁄ photo repo image
  • Banner advertising
  • Daily mail magazine advertising
  • Coverage articles (list of reports)
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  • ∗ Require confirmation about the contents in advance.
    (Depends on the contents‚ we can´t accept your requests. Please be understanding of this beforehand.)

    Banner advertisement · Daily e-mail magazine advertisement

    Through Banner advertisement or daily e-mail magazine on our website‚ you can advertise and rise awareness of your company.

    Banner advertisement (Tax not included) one hundred thousand yen ⁄ around one month(∗ Place of publication:Top pageEvent page(∗For event)‚ Banner size(750 pixels wide‚ 80 pixels high)
    long-term discount

    Daily e-mail advertisement price (Tax not included) Fifty thousand yen(∗ Place of publication:Daily e-mail advertisement、Delivery times:for three days‚ Text manuscript(Within 36 characters, within 10 lines)

    Coverage article(Basic price+option price)

    We visualize all the events and seminars, interviews with the president and staff, press conferences, service solution announcements, conference presentations / exhibitions, recruiting (new employee training, senior employee interviews, etc.) through interview.

    Basic price(Tax nor included)One hundred fifty thousand yen∗ Interview costs(1 person, within 5 hours)‚ Production costs‚ WEB posting ⁄ PR set

    Options (Tax not included)
    All day long(more than 5hours)+Fifty thousand yen
    Weekend and holidays+ Fifty thousand yen
    Add Interviewer (+ one person)+ Fifty thousand yen
    Interview outside the Tokyo metropolitan area+ Cost
    Special option(Tax not included)
    Creation of lecture record data+ One hundred fifty thousand yen

    Strengthen sales marketing by utilizing sponsorship programs!

    Visualize your company's initiatives and strengths in coverage articles from a media perspective, and regularly disseminate information to the industry and users. In addition, you can also select spot consulting (up to 3 hours / once) for new business development, sales marketing strategy, management enhancement, etc., instead of one coverage article.

    Monthly sponsorship(Tax not included)300,000yen / month
    (Annual contract)
    Coverage article or
    Spot consulting
    24 times / year
    Special site
    Banner service
    Participation in the support exchange meeting4 people free
    (2)Business course
    Monthly sponsorship (excluding tax)200,000yen / month
    (Annual contract)
    Coverage articles or
    spot consulting
    12 times / year
    Special site
    Banner service
    Participation in the support exchange meeting2 people free
    (3)Regular course
    Monthly sponsorship (excluding tax)100,000yen / month
    (Annual contract)
    Coverage articles or
    spot consulting
    6 times / year
    Special site
    Banner service
    Participation in the support exchange meeting1 person free
    (4)Light course
    Monthly sponsorship (excluding tax)50,000yen / month
    (Annual contract)
    Special site or
    spot consulting
    3 times / year
    Special site×
    Banner service×
    Participation in the support exchange meetingMembership fee system

Media ⁄ promoton-4Secretariat Agency Support

We manage secretariat operation or the web-site of companies and industry groups which lead Finance ⁄ IT ⁄ Fintech industry ‚ and we support their event management as well.Below are some examples.

Secretariat Agency Support Image



We conduct seminars focused on the explanation ⁄ introduction of Finance ⁄ IT ⁄ Fintech industry and its latest trend. In addition ‚ we have interactive discussions about future approaches and services in order to make sustainable profit. We provide lectures and training tailored according to your company´s specific environment such as support for idea management ‚ support with problem-solving thinking (Individual quotation is estimated according to the content).

Lecture training image

Innovation-2Business Development Tour

Held in the Silicon Valley and other places overseas we conduct business tours to support Fintech initiatives through open innovation. In turn we help and support companies to create new businesses. We have and continue to establish strong business networks with overseas partners and their companies for prospects of service cooperation.

Business development tour image

Innovation-3Overseas Fintech Information

We cooperate with local field survey specialists or corporate networks‚ thus enabling us to get first-hand information from Silicon Valley. As your West Coast Research Laboratory and information base‚ we can provide overseas Fintech information which can be used for new business strategies. We provide foreign Fintech informationhere

Project Leader Chiharu Ando
  • Fintech venture consultant in California‚ United States
  • Based in the San Francisco Bay Area‚ she works on surveys‚ investment projects‚ and bridging Japanese companies with the US industry and companies centering in Silicon Valley.

Innovation-4New Business Development Support

In addition to the latest trends in Finance ⁄ IT ⁄ Fintech´s we support the creation of new businesses and collaborations for development of co-creation businesses by taking advantages of relationships with key people who fit the purpose.

Step1First Consultation

Share Purpose and Goal (Free)

Step2Primary contract (individual quotation)

Share Approach

Step3Secondary contract (individual quotation)

Actual business development activity (individual visit ⁄ negotiations)

Step4Start service (New Business)

Implementation of the mechanism and service operation

About " GoodWay Advisory board "

We accelerate challenge-oriented open innovation that transcends the boundaries of Financial institutions ⁄ IT companies ⁄ Investors ⁄ Venture Capital ⁄ Start-up companies ⁄ Research institutions ⁄ Media ⁄ and support those who try to create new businesses.


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Reception time 9:00AM~5:00PM(Weekdays)
Handled by Shibata & Murakami

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